Caledonian Climate helps the Peatland Code hit 100th registered project

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Since it's inception, the Peatland Code has safeguarded over 14,000ha of peatlands and is forecast to avoid over 3.1million tCO2e. That's the equivalent of taking over 674,000 cars off the road over the next 100 years!

Caledonian Climate Partners (CCP) are thrilled to be developing the 100th project to be listed on the Peatland Code. 

Nestled within the stunning Mar Estate in Royal Deeside, this 70ha project is set to be restored through the summer months of 2022. As the third project to be restored on the estate, this is the first to be registered to the Peatland Code  to generate high integrity carbon units that can unlock carbon finance that in turn, support the project over its entire life. 

In the case of this project, Caledonian Climate were contacted after PeatlandACTION and the Caringorms National Park Authority had completed the design of the restoration phase. The client wished to register the project under the Peatland Code but time was tight; having postponed the project for a number of years due to the pandemic and other issues, no further delays could take place. CCP were able to react quickly, attend site to collect additinal pre-start information, complete full drone surveys and have the project registered in time for the restoration contractors to get started on schedule. 

It's important to remember that for a project to be registered under the Peatland Code, the registration must take place before the diggers break ground. For more information on how CCP can help, please get in touch on 

Congratulations to the Peatland Code on reaching this milestone and here's to the next 100!

See original IUCN press release here: 

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About Caledonian Climate

Working responsibly with the custodians of Scotland’s beautiful countryside, Caledonian Climate is committed to tackling the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

To achieve this, we talk to forward-thinking businesses who want to fulfil their ambitions for carbon emission reductions through high-quality carbon credits with multiple co-benefits. We then partner them with landholders in the Scottish Highlands, maximising the ecological value and sustainability of their estates.

Building on our significant experience, and guided by a distinguished Advisory Board, Caledonian Climate is delivering the benchmark for long-term restoration of Scotland's degraded peatlands, locking away the carbon for good.

Our work also enhances biodiversity, improves water quality, boosts local economies and creates a compelling story for all of our partners to share.

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