Meet the team

Based in Inverness, we work closely with partners, contractors and stakeholders across Scotland and beyond.

We also work in close consultation with the Caledonian Climate Advisory Board to ensure our restoration initiatives are guided by the best possible science and research. 

Freddie Ingleby, Managing Director, Caledonian Climate

Freddie Ingleby

Managing Director

With ten years of operational experience working for global corporates, Freddie is the eyes and ears of Caledonian Climate. He works closely with our business and landholder partners to build strong, lasting relationships and maximise mutual benefits. Freddie has a background in farming, a love for the Scottish countryside and a desire to make a positive personal impact on rural communities and ecosystems.

Randal Wilson, Director, Caledonian Climate

Randal Wilson


Randal brings substantial arable and livestock farming experience (both lowland and upland) to Caledonian Climate, along with multiple rural land management roles. He manages significant renewable energy resources, extensive woodlands and sporting estates. And close to his heart, Randal has been at the forefront of peatland restoration in Scotland, revitalising 250 hectares of degraded peatlands in Ross-shire.

Angus Davidson, Director, Caledonian Climate

Angus Davidson


Angus has advised farmers and crofters throughout the Scottish Highlands for more than 30 years, with a particular focus on practical issues that have a direct business impact. Since 2017, he has diversified significantly with the development of a peatland restoration team and is now recognised by the Peatland Carbon Code Register as the most active peatland restoration developer in Scotland.

Simon Laird, Director, Caledonian Climate

Simon Laird


Simon has a long track record of direct operational involvement in most rural property matters. These include sportings, forestry, renewables, agriculture and tourism. Identifying opportunities, within the rural land use sector, which attract investment and create employment is a particular interest.

Michael Alexander, Director, Caledonian Climate

Michael Alexander


Michael is a sustainability professional with more than 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience in driving improvements in global corporations. A leader in the development, implementation and evaluation of corporate sustainability vision and strategy, his dual focus is on environmental benefits and sustainable business growth. At the weekend, Michael is also a part-time smallholder farmer.

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