Natural climate solutions in Scotland with Caledonian Carbon.

Natural Climate Solutions 

improving biodiversity,  restoring landscapes and tackling climate change through reduced emissions.


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How We Tackle the Climate Crisis

It is clear that the two environmental crises—a changing climate and nature loss—are inextricably linked and compounding. Business commitment to climate action is gathering pace, with companies increasingly adopting strategies aimed at reaching net-zero emissions. 


connecting forward thinking landholders with progressive businesses

Caledonian Climate Partners is deeply committed to long term restoration of degraded landscapes and tackling climate change. By providing natural climate solutions we can connect forward thinking landholders with progressive businesses to address the dual crisis of climate change and nature loss. 






Climate Emergency

Since The Paris Agreement was signed in 2015 the following 5 years have been the warmest on record according to the World meteorological Organisation (WMO). In December 2020 the UN secretary general warned that all countries across the world need to declare a climate emergency.

Protecting and restoring peatland along with the creation of new woodland will be an essential part of Scotland’s contribution towards winning the battle against climate change and improving biodiversity.

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Natural Climate Solutions

Engaging with landholders throughout Scotland to deliver realistic, transparent and effective peat and woodland restoration and generation to carbon credits via these progressive land management activities. Use your natural capital resource to contribute towards the Net Zero Goal.

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Natural climate solutions



Natural climate solutions to help the UK reach carbon net zero.



UK Climate Plan

England and Scotland have both pledged to reduce national carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, with Scotland targeting 2045. This means that both public and private companies are obliged to work towards reducing emissions now.

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Do you own, or occupy, land that may have potential for peatland restoration or woodland creation? Caledonian Climate Partners will provide an initial appraisal as to the opportunities and if appropriate assist in full project delivery.

Is your business looking to participate in natural climate solutions? Caledonian Climate Partners is currently working on a range of projects and is perfectly positioned to assist businesses with the implementation of their environmental ambitions. If you need natural climate solutions, get in touch.

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